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I am Růženka. I live and work in Amsterdam, on a red houseboat.
I am a conceptual artist + mediator + coach.
These 3 fields of expertise coincide in me.
I am specialised in self-confidence. 
Listening and questioning are my super skills.
I mediate in inner conflicts.

My unfiltered observations and abrupt questions tend to frighten many people off. They are not suited for Your Critical Friend. 
I work with curious, ambitious, growth oriented people that have a sense of self deprecation. People that are comfortable taking risks. 
Over the past 20 years I have trained and coached more than 2000 directors, teachers, artists, mediators, managers, politicians, influencers, frontrunners, students, entrepreneurs and pupils in the field of Nonviolent Communication, coming out, transition, conflict skills and self-confidence.
As Your Critical Friend I have conversations where we focus on increasing autonomy, setting boundaries, breaking through patterns and self-confidence.
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